The home of all Prospects within the RSHL!
The home of all Prospects within the RSHL!

Only players named on this page are eligble to be drafted by RSHL teams during the annual entry draft.

  Name Pos Drafted NHL Jr Club
1. Abram Wiebe  D Undrafted
2. Adam Zlnka  RW Undrafted
3. Alexander Pelevin  D Undrafted
4. Anton Levtchi  F Undrafted
5. Arseni Koromyslov  D Undrafted
6. Artem Barabosha  D Undrafted
7. Barrett Hall  C Undrafted
8. Beck Malenstyn  LW 2016 Washington Capitals Calgary (WHL)
9. Benjamin Strinden  C Undrafted
10. Billy Sweezey  D Undrafted
11. Brett Seney  LW 2015 New Jersey Devils Merrimack (H-East)
12. Cade Littler  C Undrafted
13. Cameron O'Neill  RW Undrafted
14. Chris Romaine  D Undrafted
15. Cole Bardreau  F Undrafted
16. Cole Smith  F Undrafted
17. Corey Schueneman  D Undrafted
18. Dan Renouf  D Undrafted
19. Dave Gust  RW Undrafted
20. David Gucciardi  D Undrafted
21. Daylan Kuefler  LW Undrafted
22. Dominic James  C Undrafted
23. Dyllan Gill  D Undrafted
24. Eli Barnett  D Undrafted
25. Emmett Croteau  G Undrafted
26. Filip Kral  D 2018 Toronto Maple Leafs Spokane Chiefs (WHL)
27. Filip Roos  D Undrafted
28. Graham Sward  D Undrafted
29. Gustav Karlsson  C Undrafted
30. Hayden Hodgson  RW Undrafted
31. Hugh McGing  LW 2018 St. Louis Blues Western Michigan (NCHC)
32. Hunter McDonald  D Undrafted
33. Jack Sparkes  D Undrafted
34. Jackson Cates  C Undrafted
35. Jackson Dorrington  D Undrafted
36. Jackson Edward  D Undrafted
37. Jake Lucchini  F Undrafted
38. James Fisher  RW Undrafted
39. James Hamblin  F Undrafted
40. Jared Wright  RW Undrafted
41. Jayson Megna  C Undrafted
42. Jeffrey Viel  F Undrafted
43. Jesper Froden  F Undrafted
44. Jett Alexander  G Undrafted
45. Joel Maatta  C Undrafted
46. Joel Ratkovic Berndtsson  RW Undrafted
47. Joel Teasdale  F Undrafted
48. Joey Muldowney  RW Undrafted
49. Jordan Gross  D Undrafted
50. Joshua Dunne  C Undrafted
51. Kaleb Lawrence  RW Undrafted
52. Klavs Veinbergs  LW Undrafted
53. Kristian Reichel  F Undrafted
54. Kyle Criscuolo  C Undrafted
55. Landon Sim  RW Undrafted
56. Liam Arnsby  C Undrafted
57. Liam O'Brien  C Undrafted
58. Linus Sjodin  C Undrafted
59. Lucas Condotta  F Undrafted
60. Luke Devlin  C Undrafted
61. Luke Philp  F Undrafted
62. Matthew Berlin  G Undrafted
63. Matthew Morden  D Undrafted
64. Max Guenette  D Undrafted
65. Maxwell Willman  C 2014 Buffalo Sabres Williston-Northampton (High-MA)
66. Miguel Tourigny  D Undrafted
67. Milos Kelemen  F Undrafted
68. Nils Juntorp  RW Undrafted
69. Owen Mehlenbacher  C Undrafted
70. Patrick Brown  C Undrafted
71. Patrick Guay  C Undrafted
72. Pavol Regenda  F Undrafted
73. Petr Hauser  RW Undrafted
74. Petteri Nurmi  D Undrafted
75. Reese Laubach  C Undrafted
76. Riku Tohila  C Undrafted
77. Ryan Healey  D Undrafted
78. Ryan Hofer  RW Undrafted
79. Santeri Sulku  LW Undrafted
80. Sheldon Rempal  RW Undrafted
81. Spencer Stastney  D 2018 Nashville Predators USA U-18 (U.S. NTDP)
82. Theo Wallberg  D Undrafted
83. Tyson Dyck  C Undrafted
84. Vittorio Mancini  D Undrafted
85. Vyacheslav Buteyets  G Undrafted
86. Zakary Karpa  C Undrafted