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The home of all Prospects within the RSHL!

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Klim Kostin

Position: LW
Age: 25
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 212 lbs
Drafted by: Anaheim Ducks
Season: 16
Round: 2
Overall: 37
NHL Certainty: 9.5
Fantasy Upside: 6.0
External: Dobber


Klim Kostin possesses impressive skating abilities for a player of his size, showcasing both speed and power on the ice. His strong stride generates excellent straight-line speed, allowing him to drive wide on defenders and create scoring opportunities. Kostin's agility and balance enable him to navigate through traffic and maintain control of the puck at high speeds.

Scoring Instincts:
As a natural goal-scorer, Kostin has a knack for finding open space in the offensive zone and getting into scoring positions. He possesses a quick release and a hard, accurate shot, which he can unleash from various angles. Kostin's ability to capitalize on scoring chances in front of the net and from the perimeter makes him a constant threat in the offensive zone.

Physical Play:
Kostin's size and strength make him a formidable presence along the boards and in front of the net. He uses his body effectively to shield the puck, win battles in the corners, and establish position in scoring areas. Kostin is not afraid to engage in physical confrontations and is willing to initiate contact to create space for himself and his teammates.

Playmaking Ability:
While known primarily for his goal-scoring prowess, Kostin also possesses underrated playmaking skills. He has good vision and hockey sense, allowing him to make smart passes and set up scoring chances for his linemates. Kostin's ability to distribute the puck effectively adds another dimension to his offensive game and makes him a versatile threat on the ice.

Defensive Responsibility:
Kostin demonstrates a commitment to playing a complete game and contributes defensively as well. He backchecks diligently, supports his defensemen in the defensive zone, and uses his size and reach to disrupt passing lanes and break up plays. Kostin's defensive awareness and willingness to compete in all three zones make him a valuable asset to his team.

Kostin possesses strong leadership qualities and a competitive drive that sets him apart on the ice. He leads by example with his work ethic, determination, and willingness to compete in every aspect of the game. Kostin's positive attitude and dedication to improvement make him a respected figure both on and off the ice.

Overall Projection:
Klim Kostin is a highly skilled forward with a rare combination of size, skill, and physicality. His ability to impact the game in multiple ways, from goal-scoring to playmaking to defensive responsibility, makes him a valuable asset to any team. With continued development and maturity, Kostin has the potential to become a key contributor at the highest levels of hockey.